Great Harvest Bread
Let us do the work for you! We cater for small and large groups, meetings and events.
You can review our Sandwich Menu to see all of your tasty options.

Sandwich Platters  $6.50/person  (see picture below)
Our sandwich platters include an assortment* of 1/2'd sandwiches for your gathering, featuring our daily vairieties of fresh breads.  They are arranged beautifully on platters, allowing your guests to have 1/2 of one variety, 1/2 of another.  We put condiments on the side (onions too, per request) and dress the sandwiches with tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce.  Paper plates and napkins are included.  It's everything you need and all you have to do is call us - tell us how many people to prepare for - and when and where it needs to be delivered.**
*Assortment includes Turkey n' Provolone, Ham n' Swiss, Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad and Veggie.  

Add Chips n' Cookies  $2/person
Almost eveyone we cater to orders this option.  We offer an assortment of chips (boulder natural, sun chips and lays) and our world famous cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip and other daily special).  See our Bread and Sweets menu to find out what our daily cookie specials are...

**Delivery  $10/location
There is a $100 minimum order for delivery.  We require 24hrs notice for all catering orders and request 48hrs+ for orders of 25+.  Delivery is available within a 10 mile radius, pending driver availability.  
Please call in advance to see if delivery is available for the day and time of your order.

Reading this the day you want to place your order?  Don't worry.  We want to make you happy and enrich your life with deliciousness!  :)
Call us.  If we can pull it off, we'll still bring you lunch.
During holiday weeks, we may not be available for delivery as we're just too busy - sorry!

Pick-Up  FREE!
Name your time and we'll have your sandwich platter ready for you. You'll even get a FREE slice of bread while you're in.  YUM!!!  :)

Great Harvest Bread of DePere
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