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Stop by the store or call (920) 336-9111 to place an order.
Please note that prices vary depending on choice of options [check Bread & Goodies menu for daily offerings] and gift packaging [bag, basket or box]. 
You are welcome to customize gifts in any way you wish, but these options are a great starting point.  

Gift Cards... Available in any amount!
Honored in most Great Harvest bread stores across the nation.  Available in any amount.  Always fresh, always appreciated.

A Gift of Jam and Bread  $25
Our most popular combination includes a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, six giant cookies, and a jar of gourmet jam.
Comfort Basket approx. $35
For times when a nourishing dinner is just the thing to comfort a friend in need.  This beautiful basket is filled with a delicious soup mix, a dozen rolls, and a cake bread for dessert.

Whole Grain Goodness Basket... aprox. $35.00
A caring heart is a healthy heart!  Encourage both with this beautiful gift.  Includes a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, a specialty Whole Grain Bread, one pound of Granola, homemade whipped butter and a Great Harvest bread knife.
Abundant Basket... aprox. $45.00
Our best selling basket is the perfect demonstration of your generous nature.  Includes a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, the cinnamon loaf of the day, the cake bread of the day, a jar of gourmet jam, a Great Harvest spreader and homemade whipped butter.
A Tray of Treats... aprox. $50.00
Send your greetings to the entire staff, or share with the whole family!  Includes two loaves of cake bread, the cinnamon loaf of the day, twelve giant cookies, and six wonderful muffins.  This option comes in a box, but can also be put in a basket for additional cost.  
Basket of Gratitude... aprox. $60
Say thank you in a big way!  A stunning arrangement featuring a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, the Cinnamon loaf of the day, the cake bread of the day, six giant cookies, a bag of homemade oatmeal, a jar of all natural Fruit Spread, and a Great Harvest bread knife. 
Extravagant Basket... aprox. $99.00
An unforgettable gift!  In addition to the contents of the Basket of Gratitude, this basket includes a delicious Soup Mix, all natural Peanut Butter, 100% whole wheat pancake mix, a bottle of pancake syrup, a bamboo breadboard and a ten dollar Great Harvest gift card.
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